Your Skin

The skin is an amazing and resilient organ that protects us from the harsh chemical elements of modern life. Its regulatory functions include body temperature control, water balance, preventing the entry of micro-organisms, and the elimination and absorption of substances.

Skin CareIt therefore makes absolutely no sense to apply unnatural, synthetic chemicals to the skin, and can have detrimental effects such as sensitivities, blocked pores and phototoxic and skin allergies. Most cosmetics companies manufacture products based on how they feel on the skin, what they look like, what they smell like and how long they last for on the shelf (some products have shelf lives up to 3 years and more), disregarding the chemicals that are going into these products and potentially harming skin. Here at the Australian Botanics Company, our products are fresh and extracted in ways to minimise processing. This ensures the plant nutrients and vitamins are not destroyed during the extraction process. Most essential oils are extracted neat via a cold-press method, which involves no heat. The final product is fresh, crisp and clean, and will nourish and feed your skin like never before. Your skin protects you — you owe it to your skin to protect it!

Skin type is dependent on genetic make-up and sebaceous (oil gland) activity and function. Some skin conditions may be the result of treatment to the skin in the past, diet, lifestyle and the use of chemically based skin care products. A proper diagnosis of skin type is vital in choosing the best skin care regime for your skin. There are four main skin type categories — normal, dry, oily and combination — the degrees of which may vary. It is not unusual to experience more than one type or condition at any given time. Common combinations are dry skin with oily T-zones and normal cheeks, and oily skin that experiences dehydration. The severity of each type and condition also varies and may be related to inappropriate product usage.

In today’s society, a number of factors may influence a skin’s condition. Smoking, diet, stress, lack of physical activity, inadequate water intake, environmental/climatic conditions, hormonal imbalances and adverse levels of toxins in the blood can all influence the condition and health of your skin. For skin to function normally, it requires the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, all of which are found in a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. This enables the skin to grow, repair and reproduce. The skin, like most living things, needs to be nourished and cared for.

The skin is the physical barrier to the outside environment and functions to help protect the body from injury, chemical agents and micro-organisms. The skin also acts as a sensory organ, regulates body temperature, eliminates harmful substances, and plays an integrated role with the rest of the body.

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