Our Ingredients

All of our quality natural body care products are derived from pure plant-based ingredients that synergistically work in harmony to cleanse, nourish and treat your skin and help to protect it from pollution and the elements. They contain only the most pure essential oils and are preserved using only minimal natural preservatives.


Aloe Vera

Contains more than 200 biological active ingredients, E, B, C, zinc, healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating

Angelica Root

Antibacterial and antifungal action, preventing the growth of various bacteria and fungi

Apricot Kernel Oi

All purpose emollient suitable for all skin types. Very rich and nourishing to the skin, helping with dryness, wrinkles, and inflammation. Contains minerals and vitamin A and E, which aids skin elasticity and suppleness. It nourishes, calms and hydrates the skin. Great for dry, mature or sensitive skin

Australian Banksia Flower

From the nectar of the nutrient-rich flower grown in the woody Banksia Tree. This essence contains vitamins, proteins and sugars as well as amino acids and antioxidants A, C and E. Vitamin C helps with the synthesis of collagen in connective tissue, promoting normal tissue growth and repair. The benefits of this essence work synergistically to improve skin firmness and vitality helping to smooth and soften the skin

Australian Jojoba Oi

Hypo-allergenic, non-greasy natural oil, resembles human sebum thus absorbed well, highly moisturising and protecting, helps to balance sebum production, and dissolves clogged pored. Great for combination skin, oily or problem skin

Australian Kakadu Plum Extract

Kakadu Plum is a native tree from Australia and is found exclusively in the Northern Territory and around Arnhem Land. Indigenous Aboriginies have used this plant and its fruit extensively for food as well as for its healing properties and traditional medicine. The fruit has been tested and shown to have the highest Vitamin C recorded in any fruit. The fruit has been a traditional source of bush tucker, antiseptic and a healing remedy for the Indigenous people across Arnhem Land for thousands of years The Kakadu Plum contains phytochemicals such as gallic and ellagic acids. Gallic acid has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities and also shows anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-mutagenic and anti- bronchodilatory activities. Ellagic acid has anti-carcinogenic effects against a wide range of carcinogens in many human tissues

Australian Lavender

A light and refreshing oil with excellent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and skin-healing properties

Australian Lemon Myrtle

Contains vitamin C and has antiseptic, astringent, soothing and healing properties. Used on blemished sensitive skin. Stimulates micro-circulation in the skin and helps to balance and control oily skin.

Australian Lilly Pilly

High in vitamin C, this antioxidant ‘mops-up’ free radicals, helping to prevent damage to the skin’s cell structure. Assists in regeneration and protection of skin cells. Vitamin C and Fruit Acids helps promote collagen and elastin production for increased suppleness. The Lilly Pilly has astringent properties which cleanse and freshen the skin to improve firmness and amplify youthful resilience

Australian Macadamia Meal

A natural exfoliant made from the Australian macadamia nut

Australian Mandarin

A light refreshing skin toner

Australian Mint Bush

The Australian mint bush has antibacterial, antifungal properties. The plant is rich in volatile oils, including menthol and cineole. The leaves are antibacterial, antifungal and carminative. The Australian aborigines have used the leaves in an infusion for relief of headaches and colds. The small mint flavoured leaves are also used for culinary purposes and for potpourris

Australian Organic Black Clay

The midnight black clay contains great iron and oxygen properties, making it very popular for use in creams, powders, lipsticks and mascaras. It is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning agents, particularly good for nourishing the skin

Australian Organic Golden Yellow Clay

Improves the condition of devitalised and tired-looking skin with its tonic effects. Suitable for all skin types

Australian Organic Pastel Pink Clay

Detoxifies the skin by gently removing and trapping free radicals. Also know for its firming and toning actions. Suitable for all skin types

Australian Organic Soft Green Clay

Detoxify properties that help revitalise dull, tired complexions, leaving the skin glowing with vitality. Helps to treat acne

Australian Organic White Clay

A fine white clay recommended for sensitive skin. Helps to detoxify by drawing out free radicals and trapping them within the clay

Australian Peppermint

The unique Australian climate is a crucial factor in producing high quality peppermint oil, distinguished by high menthol content and strong fresh aroma. Peppermint is refreshing, energising, uplifting and revitalising essential oil. Alleviates tiredness and refreshes after sport and physical work. A great cosmetic agent for oily skin, adds cooling effect to cosmetics

Australian Quandong Extract

The desert Quandong tree is an Australian Native tree from the Sandalwood family, which is found around waterless areas of all Australian States. Quandong extract is high in vitamin C and essential fatty acids to help improve the complexion of skin. Quandong extracts help to refresh, nourish and moisturise the skin. The fruit acids also assist with gentle exfoliation

Australian Sandalwood

Hydrating, encourages the retention of moisture within the skin layers, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, helps with the treatment of acne, oily skin and wounds

Avocado Oil

A moisturising and nourishing oil with superior skin penetration. Rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, proteins and fatty acids. Softens and protects with cell regenerative properties

Birch Extract

Astringent, tonic, elasticising, soothing and purifying

Calendula Herbal Extract

Antiseptic, healing, soothing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory properties, and also acts as emollient, wound healer, anti-itch and has protective benefits

Caprylic Acid

Found naturally in coconut oil and palm kernel oil. It is known to have anti-fungal as well as some anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Carrot Seed Oil

Anti-oxidant properties, contains beta-carotene, A, E which is good for dry cracked skin, balances moisture and conditions hair, as well as improving skin tone

Cedarwood Atlas

Anti-septic, astringent, wound healing, good for oily skin, acne, dandruff and oily hair

Cetearyl Alcohol

An emulsifying wax, made by combining fatty alcohols from vegetable sources, such as coconut alcohol. It is used often in cosmetics as an emollient, thickening agent, moisturiser, emulsifier, stabiliser, opacifier as well as a carrying agent for other ingredients


Calming, reduces inflammation, healing and soothing

Chamomile Herbal Extract

Soothing emollient, refreshing and purifying

Comfrey Herbal Extract

Excellent skin healer. Comfrey also has soothing, astringent, anti-itch and emolliating properties

Cucumber Extract

Moisturise binding & regulating, tightening, soothing, healing, astringent, anti-itch, refreshing softening and anti-inflammatory

Cucumber Oil

Moisturise binding & regulating, tightening, soothing, healing, astringent, anti-itch, refreshing softening and anti-inflammatory

Emulsifying Wax

Made from vegetable sources. Emulsifiers are used in creams and lotions to mix water with oils. Since water and oil do not mix but stay separated, an additional agent (emulsifier) is necessary to form a homogenous mixture keeping water and oil together


A natural preservative used as an alternative to parabens. Derived from glycerine, ethylhexylglycerin can also be used as a deodorizer and skin conditioner


Regenerative and healing, improves tone of mature and damaged skin, improves broken capillaries, reduces scarring and oil production

French Argiletz Green Clay

Detoxifies dull tired skin

French Argiletz Pink Clay

Detoxifies dull tired skin. Pink clay nourishes and tones the skin

French Argiletz White Clay

Detoxifies dull tired skin, nourishes and tones the skin. Gentle on sensitive skin

French Argiletz Yellow Clay

Detoxifies dull tired skin, nourishes and tones the skin. Good for mature skin


Antiseptic, astringent and healing properties, it helps regulate sebum production


Ginger has stimulating properties and is soothing

Ginseng Extract

Skin rejuvenating, oxygenating, stimulating, strengthening, elasticising, diminishes wrinkles and a skin tonic


Humectant, used to bind water to the skin, hydrating and moisturising the skin

Grapefruit White

Refreshing, uplifting, cleansing and antiseptic

Grapeseed Oil

A very light oil that penetrates well into the skin leaving it feeling ‘silky and dry’, occlusive, emollient, low allergy, soothing and calming

Green Tea Extract

Anti-oxidant (catechins) properties that help eliminate free radicals, which can cause ageing. Also has stimulating tonic and anti-cellulitis properties

Hemp Seed Oil

Assists in improving the condition of the skin, hair and nail. Contains omega 3 linolenic and omega 6 linolenic essential fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E. Provides a complete source of skin nutrition. Great for dry, mature or damaged skin. Also used in eczema, psoriasis, flaking and peeling

Iceland Moss Extract

Deodorising, nourishing, purifying, and very soothing. Anti-septic tonic

Kelp Extract

Micro-algae rich in trace elements iodine, moisturising and emolliating effect

Kiwi Fruit Extract

Moisturising, refreshing, purifying. Presence of fruit acids and ascorbic acid, hence mildly peeling

Lactic Acid

An alpha hydroxy acid used in rejuvenation products and is considered to be a gentle yet very effective anti-aging treatment. Derived from milk, lactic acid is well known for not only its skin hydrating properties but as one of the gentler AHA exfoliant


Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and skin-healing properties

Lemon scented tea tree

Lemon scented Tea Tree has excellent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial ,antiseptic and wound-healing properties. Used in acne treatments, dandruff, cold sores and infected wounds

Macadamia oil

High anti-oxidant content. It is also a very light emollient and good for dry or ageing skin. Excellent spreadability, lubrication and penetration properties leaving the skin smooth, non-greasy, softened, rejuvenated and revitalised. Slight sunscreen effect

Mango Butter

Mango butter has natural emollient properties, wound healing, and regenerative activity. Mango butter has been traditionally used in the rainforests and tropics for its skin softening, soothing, moisturising and protective properties and to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. It has a protective effect against UV radiation also

Marine Collagen

Collagen is a complex structural protein which provides the major building material for the growth, repair and maintenance of the skin, ligaments, bones, nails and hair. Collagen is rich in essential amino acids and proteins which play a role in the maintenance of connective tissue. In addition, collagen forms 75% of our skin, and for this reason it is thought that collagen is responsible for the smooth, plump and flawless appearance of young and healthy skin. It is believed that a lack of this vital nutrient can lead to signs of collagen damage and visible signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles


Menthol is an organic compound naturally occurring in mint plants. Most of menthols uses are related to its stimulation of the skin's cold receptors. This property makes menthol produce a cooling effect when inhaled or applied to the skin


Anti-septic, hydrating, skin healing, good for dehydrated skin

Papaya Fruit Extract

Refreshing, moisturising, purifying and anti-inflammatory


Used as a remedy for dry skin, wrinkles, dandruff, oily skin and scalp, fungal infections, and insect bites


Clears up greasy skin, helps with acne, excessive perspiration and tones the skin


Phenoxyethanol is an excellent alternative to the standard, potentially harmful formaldehyde-releasing preservative. Paraben and formaldehyde free cosmetic preservative with an excellent low toxicity profile, and non-sensitizing, an aromatic ether sometimes referred to as Rose Ether. It is a good general bactericide (most active against gram negative bacteria)  but a weak fungicide and is generally used in combination with other preservatives such as potassium sorbate to give it a more efficient coverage

Potassium Sorbate

Fungicide, safe enough to eat and found in many food products like yoghurts

Pro-vitamin B5

Deeply penetrating and providing lasting moisture in the skin or hair, stimulates epithelisation (growth), aides wound healing, anti-inflammatory and prevents damage

Rice Bran Extract

Emollient, nourishing, and skin protecting. Also moisturises and soothes

Rice Bran Oil

Known for its mild and softening properties on the skin. A good source of omega 6 essential fatty acid and various antioxidants that have benefits for human health. Rice bran oil applied to the skin fosters surface microcirculation and skin metabolism, providing protection against premature aging. It influences oil secretion, absorbs UV rays and helps prevent oxidation and is well known for its considerable nourishing properties and so is often used in anti-aging blends and products. Rice bran oil is a very versatile oil. It is excellent for dry, sensitive skin and newly created skin such as baby skin but also for mature skin because of the oil’s high antioxidant content. Used in blends that treat all kinds of skin irritations and itchiness


Good antiseptic and anti-infectious properties

Rosehip Oil

Rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in collagen building. Also contains vitamins A, B, E, lecithin, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, and anti-oxidants which all assist in the prevention of skin tissue damage. Improves skin hydration and regulates sebum production. Good for dry or prematurely damaged skin


Helps clear skin, soothing, enhances skin elasticity


Hydrating properties encourages retention of moisture within the skin layers, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, good for treatment of acne, oily skin and wounds

Seabuckthorn Oil

Currently being used in anti-aging preparations for skin rejuvenation and accelerated healing properties. It is also being used topically as a natural treatment for eczema, acne rosacea, acne and acne scars, and as a lotion for minimizing stretch marks. Due to the high content of nutrients essential for the metabolism of skin cells, Sea Buckthorn oil is applied to combats wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin

Shea Butter

Obtained from the Shea fruit kernel, shea butter is an excellent emollient and highly protective against harsh weather conditions. It contains vitamins A and E, has anti-inflammatory properties and some natural UV protection. Shea butter is very hydrating and soothing, leaving the skin soft and supple. It also stimulates the circulation in the skin, as well as repairing and re-oxygenating the skin

Silk Protein

Produced by the hydrolysis of pure silk fibres. Silk amino acid powder contains 100% fibroin, which consists of eighteen amino acids and trace elements. Silk amino acids are of low molecular weight, allowing them to penetrate deep into the skin and hair shaft. They have excellent water-binding properties and thus maintain moisture levels in the skin and hair. Silk amino acids help retain elasticity in the hair and impart a soft and smooth feel to the skin and hair

Stearic Acid

A colourless, odourless, wax like fatty acid, occurring in natural animal and vegetable fats and used as an emulsifier in skin care products, it is also found in soaps, candles, lubricants, and other products

Superfine Ground Pumice

Superfine Ground Pumice is an excellent exfoliant for the face

Sweet Almond Oil

Good emollient to help skin re-balance its loss and absorption of moisture, high in minerals, protein and vitamins A, B1,B2,B6 and E

Tasmanian Kelp Extract

Micro-algae rich in trace elements iodine and has moisturising and emolliating effect. Collected from the cool temperate waters of Bass Strait and Antarctic waters off Southern Australia.

This seaweed plant is high in antioxidant vitamins A, B, C and E. Rich in Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Niacin and approximately 13 amino acids. Helps nourish and stimulate the microcirculation in the skin

Tasmanian Lavender

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, skin healing, anti-itch properties


Has a stimulating effect on the circulation, wound healing, good for treating acne, oily skin, and devitalised skin

Vitamin A

Stimulates collagen growth and reproduction of the skin, anti-wrinkle properties

Vitamin C

Effective anti-oxidant, prevents skin damage by free radicals

Vitamin E

Anti-oxidant properties trapping free radicals that cause skin damage and pre-mature ageing

Witch Haze

Witch hazel is used as an astringent with softening properties and is also used as an anti-couperose. Useful in toners, aftershaves and face masks.

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