Mr Botanics

Mr. BotanicsBorn in 1972 in West Yorkshire, UK, Suresh studied Pharmacy at Aston University in Birmingham, graduating in 1996 with a 2.1 honours degree. After completing his training in Yorkshire, he decided to live and work in Australia for a few years.

After being badly burnt in the strong Australian sun after a fishing trip, Suresh started to formulate his own skin care products, using his keen knowledge in pharmaceutics and his interest in native Australian ingredients. Eventually The Australian Botanics Company was born.

Today the company has a number of natural skin care products using quality fresh natural ingredients and distinct native Australian ingredients to create products that are clean, fresh and great for the skin!

Suresh’s eventual aim is to create concept stores where clients can come in and have skin creams personalised to their skin type.

A portion of the profits from The Australian Botanics Company goes to help supports the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society (ACAS) of Australia who assist Aboriginal children wherever and whenever the need is apparent. To initiate and support proposals designed to advance the health, housing, education, cultural, moral and social well-being of young Aboriginals.  ACAS also provides and maintains hostels and accommodation for students or young Aboriginal workers in necessitous circumstances.

Suresh is a strong believer in giving back to the earth what we take out!! and supporting our fellow person.

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